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Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country in south-east Asia. Travelling around Malaysia is a unique experience it has beautiful beaches, rainforest and known for the confluence of the Chinese, Indian and European culture. Malaysia has undergone a diverse colonial history, falling into Portuguese, Dutch, and British hands before finally gaining independence. Malaysia has a rich diversity of wildlife and its national parks and wildlife reserves are the best places to go to see wildlife, including Taman Negara and Bako National Park.

Capital of Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur 
Currency Malaysian Ringgit 

Travel tips for Malaysia

Taxis – Taxis aren’t usually metered in Malaysia, so make sure to agree on the fare before you set off.

Food – Street food (like stuffed pancakes, skewers, and bowls of noodle soup) is the cheapest and most delicious way to eat in Malaysia each dish will cost only between 5 MYR (USD 1) to 15 MYR (USD 4).

Don’t drink – As Malaysia is a Muslim country, drinking is frowned upon but it does happen. However, to restrict it, the authorities have made drinking very, very expensive. Save your drinking for countries like Thailand, where the alcohol flows more freely and is better on the budget.

Travel in the offseason – Traveling during the monsoon season (late November to mid-February) is one easy way to save money on flights and accommodation. With significantly fewer visitors, everything is cheaper. To avoid the worst of the rains, skip the east coast.

Use Grab – Grab is like Uber and is often cheaper than both taxis and tuk-tuks, especially if you’re getting a ride from the airport in Kuala Lumpur).

Escape the city – Much of the popular areas in Kuala Lumpur are designed for tourists and can be expensive. Skip the crowds and head to somewhere like Petaling Jaya, a smaller nearby city that has all the perks of KL with none of the downsides.

Best time to visit Malaysia

Best Time to Visit Malaysia can vary because of geographical shape and Location, If you are planning to visit Island in the west like Langkawi, Penang then a dry season from December to February is the best time or Eastern Cost from June to August is best.

How to reach to Malaysia

By Air : It is well connected to the world by Air and it has many International Airport.
Major International Airport in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) , Langkawi International Airport (LGK), Penang International Airport (PEN) .

Best Cities to Visit in Malaysia

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